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Senior Software developer

Thank you for taking your valuable time! ✅ 5+ years of Web and Mobile App Development experience ✅ Website Development ✔️Responsive Web Development - HTML5/PHP/CSS/Bootstrap/JS ✔️JavaScript...

North miamibeach, Statele Unite ale Americii

React 4 React (JavaScript library) 4 React Native 4 AngularJS 3 PHP 3 LabView 3 JavaScript 3 HTML 3 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 3 Android 3 iOS 3

IT Project Manager

IT Support Project Manager IT Implementation of applications IAM administration WordPress PHP • Hardware and software support • First level support infrastructure • Single point of contact for...

Bucharest, România

Active Directory 5 Wordpress 1 ServiceNow 3 ITIL 4 IT Support Level 2 and 3 4 Implementation support for applications 1 PHP 1

Web Developer | Freelance & Open to Full-Time Opportunities

As a web developer, I have been creating and maintaining websites and e-commerce platforms for various clients, using WordPress, WoooCommerce, Prestashop, and other technologies. I have also been...

Sibiu, România

PHP, Wordpress, WooCommerce, Prestashop 3 React (JavaScript library) 1 mySQL 3 SEO / SEM 1

Application Developer (PHP/Drupal)

I am a young web programmer, but I know other programming languages like Visual Studio C #. The known web languages are HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, along with the Laravel and Bootstrap frameworks as well...

Navodari, România

PHP 4 Drupal 4 HTML 4 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 4 JavaScript 4 Laravel 4

Magento 2 Backend Developer

I have 5+ years experience with Magento 2.x. I am using tools like JetBrains PhpStorm, Ubuntu 20, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, PHP-7.X, Git, Confluence, Jira. The first skill one needs to master...

Brasov, România

PHP 5 HTML5 5 jQuery 5 mySQL 5 phpstorm 5 Ubuntu 5 Git 5 Jira 5 Symfony (Framework) 5 Zend 5

Graphic Designer & Marketing Specialist & WebDeveloper

Up to a point I wanted and now I still want to accumulate new knowledge. I will always be open to new things and I have acquired the skill (if I may call it that) to learn anything new quickly. I'm a...

Cluj-Napoca, România

HTML 6 PHP 6 HTML5 5 mySQL 5 Adobe Photoshop 5 CorelDraw 5 Corel Painter 5 Adobe Illustrator 4 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 5 JavaScript 5

Cistelican Catalin

Hi, If you are looking for a complete high-end, up-to-date, professional, and responsive WordPress website at affordable prices then you are in right place. I would love to help you with your...

Cluj, România

Wordpress 5 PHP 4 SEO / SEM 3 mySQL 4 Server Apache HTTP 5 Server media PS3 3

Full Stack Developer

Dezvolt aplicații web de 2 ani. În ultimele proiecte m-am axat mai mult pe partea de back-end development.

Oradea, România

PHP 2 HTML 2 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 2 JavaScript 2 mySQL 2

Data/Business Analyst

Data analyst (former Economist) with strong technical skills (Excel VBA Advanced and Microsoft Suite, SQL language, Python and PHP(beginner)) ready to meet the challenges of new data management...

Chiajna, România

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) 3 SQL 2 Microsoft Power BI 2 PHP 1 Python 1 Vue.js 1 Node.js 1 JavaScript 1

Web developer, Graphic design, Content moderation, Customer support email

Hello, I'm a young guy looking into raising money to open my own business in the future. The freelance market is pretty new to me but I used to do different tasks here and there in the past so self...

Braşov, România

Adobe Photoshop 10 Adobe Illustrator 9 PHP 5 Blender 5 Cursuri de limbi străine 10 Logistică 11 Arta jocurilor video 9