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I started to create some simple web pages about 17 years ago, when HTML and CSS was in a basic stage, we were using even animated GIFs on pages. It became a hobby for me. After a short time I began to learn PHP and MySQL by myself using a very good e-commerce book. Then I started to have some simple projects as experience, mostly on the backend side. I have used some ideas from the book I’ve learned and started to develop parts of code and functions which I could re-use in new projects without starting everything from scratch. Working on every project I created a basic data management system with a table view and actions like add, edit and delete, used for data management, which I was continuing to develop. By now this system became very complex using Bootstrap based, responsive interface with the possibility of creating new management pages with some configuration only. It has a configurable menu tree, user management, rights, Excel export for the data table, reporting pages and more. I have worked with PDF exports based on HTML with CSS templates or even SVG codes. I like to develop my own ideas, to come up with improvements all the time. I like the idea of having one system used for everything, that’s why I am developing a reconfigurable page and responsive design. Also sometimes I am making bugs too, as a human, but trying to fix them as possible and prevent loss of data if possible. My skills: - Web development, frontend or backend in PHP with Smarty, MySQL, JavaScript and jQuery. - Working with jQuery with AJAX requests, JSON data response - Working with or building APIs - Web design in HTML(5) and CSS(3), responsive pages with Bootstrap. - Some knowledge of WordPress and integrate custom apps built by me

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