Python Django developer

Python Django developer

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I completed the Piscine course at 42Wolfsburg in Wolfsburg, Germany, from August to September 2023, where I deepened my knowledge of the C programming language. As a Python Developer and a graduate of the Software Development Academy (SDA), I am passionate about creating innovative and user-friendly web applications using cutting-edge technologies. I have a solid foundation in full-stack development, covering Python, Django, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, and SQL, and have developed real-world projects that demonstrate my skills and competencies. I have also gained hands-on experience in software development during my internship at Kronsoft Development, where I collaborated with diverse teams and contributed to open source projects. I received positive feedback for my problem-solving skills and collaborative approach, and created a web application for streamlined task management as the final project, applying the best practices of software engineering. Additionally, I hold a Bachelor's degree in Music from Academia de Muzica "Gheorghe Dima," which reflects my creativity and adaptability. I am eager to learn new technologies and frameworks, and to apply my knowledge and skills to challenging and meaningful projects.

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