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Front End Developer

Solution-driven web developer adept at contributing to highly collaborative work environment and finding solutions. Proven experience developing consumer-focused websites using HTML, CSS and...

Ibadan, Nigeria

HTML5 3 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 2 Bootstrap 2 JavaScript 1 React (JavaScript library) 1

3d Developer

I am new to this platform but I would be more than happy to help you. I'm good at 3d animation and 3d modelling and my main software is blender. I really like what I do and I learn things about it...

Scorniceşti, România

Blender 4 Adobe Photoshop 2 Davinci Resolve 3 HTML5 5 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 5

Java developer

Sunt un tanar care doreste sa invete mereu lucruri noi sunt comunicabil si usor ma incadrez in orice grup. Acum singurul lucru care mi-l doresc e sa codez si sa mi dezvolt abilitatile mele. Iubesc...

060463, România

Linux (Kernel) 1 Objectoriented Programming (OOP) 1 SQL 1 JavaScript 1 Java 1 HTML5 2 CSS 2 Quality management / QS / QA (IT) 1

Designer Grafic si Designer Web

Sunt un designer web si grafic de aproximatv 6 ani. Am dezvoltat o pasiune pentru aceste domenii inca din copilarie si o fac cu pasiune. Am experienta in HTML, CSS, Wordpress, E-Commerce, Marketing...

Caransebeş, România

HTML5 5 Prestashop 5 Wordpress 5 PHP 1 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 5 Adobe Photoshop 7 CorelDraw 6 Adobe Illustrator 2 Adobe After Effects 2 Premiere Pro 2

Web Developer

Dezvolt pagini web moderne de mai bine de 2 ani, am experienta in medie in acest domeniu.

Chisinau, Moldova

HTML5 2 Css3 2 JavaScript 2 Bootstrap 2 jQuery 2

Dorin Ghetus

KEY SKILLS Front End: • JavaScript, ReactJS, React Native • CSS3 • HTML5, JSON, RESTful API Databases: • MySQL DevOps: • Git, Github, SDLC: • Trello • OOP, SOLID principles, UML, IDEF,...

Iasi, România

JavaScript 1 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 1 HTML5 1 Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (Sass) 1 React (JavaScript library) 1 Git 1 Web design 3 Adobe Photoshop 3 Adobe Illustrator 3 Adobe InDesign 2

Graphic Designer & Marketing Specialist & WebDeveloper

Up to a point I wanted and now I still want to accumulate new knowledge. I will always be open to new things and I have acquired the skill (if I may call it that) to learn anything new quickly. I'm a...

Floresti, România

HTML 6 PHP 6 HTML5 5 mySQL 5 Adobe Photoshop 5 CorelDraw 5 Corel Painter 5 Adobe Illustrator 4 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 5 JavaScript 5


Performantele personale sunt bazate pe inplicare, creativitate si seriozitate.

Bucuresti, România

Adobe Photoshop 5 Python 1 HTML5 1 Solidity 1 Instalație electrică 15

Front-end developer

Sunt front-end developer de mai bine de 3 ani si dezvolt diferite site-uri web pentru client, cum ar fi pagini de prezentare a unui produs sau serviciu, portofoliu personal sau orice alt site web!

Falticeni, România

HTML5 3 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 3 Webdesign responsive 3

Spirit Digital Design

I'm an open minded person. I'm always down to earth when it comes to serious work. Besides my cheerful and creative personality, I love creating content for all ages, everything that includes graphic...

Timisoara, România

Adobe Illustrator 4 JavaScript 1 HTML5 2 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 2 Blender 3 Premiere 3 Adobe After Effects 5