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C# Software Engineer

I am an open-minded person with experience as a full-stack developer. With experience in developing both web and desktop applications, I want to help you create the right application for your...

Bucuresti, România

C# 2 Blazor 2 Angular 2 .Net 2 .Net Framework (Microsoft) 2 TypeScript 1 JavaScript 2 SQL 2

Software Engineer

I'm 24 years old, and I have 24 thousand dreams. I am now pursuing a master's degree in Computer Science at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, with an expected graduation date set for July...

Bucuresti, România

Java 3 Python 4 JavaScript 4 React (JavaScript library) 3 MongoDB 2 TypeScript 1 Git 4 Confluence (Atlassian) 4 Docker 3 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 1

React JS Developer

Dezvolt aplicatii web, in prezent campanii promotionale; abilitati foarte bune in React JS si TypeScript, flexibilitate de a implementa tehnologii noi, implementare de API

Galați, România

React (JavaScript library) 2 PHP 2 TypeScript 1 CSS 2 HTML 2 PostgreSQL 1 mySQL 1 JavaScript 2

Stanica Andrei

Full Stack Web Developer axat pe backend. Daca aveti o idee de site sau aplicatie web va pot ajuta sa o indeplimiti.

Timisoara, România

React , Node, Express, PostgreSQL, Electron, Flask, TypeScript 2

Senior Web Developer

Almost eight years of experience in full-stack web development and system architecture. My experience with multiple projects provided me an out of the box and innovative thinking which improved my...

Timisoara, România

Typescript, Javascript, Angular, Node.JS 8


Graduated from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca with a bachelor degree in Applied Informatics and master degree in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, looking for new challenges which are...

Cluj-Napoca, România

Java 4 Angular 3 TypeScript 3 HTML 3 React (bibliotecă JavaScript) 1 Spring 5

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