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Front-end developer

I am a self-taught front-end developer, with a focus on JavaScript and ReactJs. I am on track with new technologies and I am always looking to improve and learn. The projects I have been working on...

Braşov, România

JavaScript 7 React (JavaScript library) 5 AngularJS 1

Dezvoltator aplicatii mobile si web

Lucrez cu dezvoltarea de aplicații mobile și web de peste 5 ani. Accentul principal este întotdeauna pe produs, îmi place să particip și la procesul de dezvoltare a produsului. Scopul meu este să...

Targu Mures, România

React (JavaScript library) 4 React Native 3 JavaScript 5 Node.js 2

Luqman Ahmed

I am an experienced and committed Web Developer who enjoys creating exciting digital encounters. I have been working with WordPress, Full Stack development and shopify programming for more than five...

Iasi, România

Wordpress 5 Shopify 3 Full-Stack 3 Web design 2 Web development 4 Marketing social media 3 HTML5 4 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 4 React (JavaScript library) 3 Node.js 2

Software Developer

I'm a very passionate developer in Javascript with vast experience in NodeJs and ReactJs, working with cloud services as AWS or GCP and I'm looking for a new job with new challenges. I want to think...

Timişoara, România

JavaScript 6 TypeScript 5 Node.js 5 React (JavaScript library) 5 SQL 6 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 6 HTML5 6 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 3 Google Cloud 3 React Native 2


Dezvolt produse software in mod profesional de 2 ani. Produse pentru care am dezvoltat atat partea de frontend cat si partea de backend. - pagini web - servere - optimizare algoritmi - code review -...

Cluj-Napoca, România

React (JavaScript library) 2 Ruby on rails 1 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 2 TypeScript 2 JavaScript 2 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 1 Java 1 Svelte 1 Sveltekit 1

Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineer from Bucharest passionate about everything related to software development. I follow up on the most recent changes in web development. Looking for a project where I can apply my...

Bucuresti, România

Angular 8 React (JavaScript library) 8 JavaScript 10 HTML 15 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 15 TypeScript 8 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 3 Microsoft Azure 3 Git 10

Frontend Developer

I am a goal-oriented, highly driven, and innovative optimized solution seeker who is able to concentrate in order to get excellent results.I am looking for a job that will push my development and...

Bucharest, România

React (JavaScript library) 4 JavaScript 4 TypeScript 3 Node.js 3 Redux 4 MongoDB 2 React Native 2 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2 Microsoft Azure 2

Junior Web Developer

Tanar pasionat IT, in aria software development-ului, cu specializare pe web development, student ASE CSIE - Informatica Economica. Cu o experienta de munca valida (4 ani) in web development si...

Bucuresti, România

JavaScript 4 C++ 3 Python 3 React (JavaScript library) 3 Node.js 3 Flutter 2 GraphQL 2 Flask 2 SQL 1 Gatsby.js 2

Senior Software developer

Thank you for taking your valuable time! ✅ Website Development ✔️Responsive Web Development - HTML5/PHP/CSS/Bootstrap/JS ✔️JavaScript Frameworks: (jQuery,react.js, vue.js, angular.js, node.js,...

Orzechowa 69A, 31-265 Czechowice-Dziedzice, Polonia

React 4 React (JavaScript library) 4 React Native 4 AngularJS 3 PHP 3 LabView 3 JavaScript 3 HTML 3 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 3 Android 3 iOS 3

Full Stack Developer

I'm a proactive, hard-working and motivated person with good communication skills. I'm sociable and I like being part of a team. Also, I'm really passionate about software development and I'm eager...

Bucuresti, România

C# 2 ASP.NET 2 TypeScript 3 Angular 2 React (JavaScript library) 1 React Native 1 HTML5 4 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 4 MongoDB 2 Entity Framework 1