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Ana, 24. On a constant journey of discovering myself. I am ambitious, hardworking, always looking for the most efficient and fastest way to solve tasks, because work and results are capitalized over time. Also, correctness and seriousness for the things I am involved in are a strong point in describing my abilities Leaving aside my professional abilities, I am interested in art, in any form, deepening this chapter through various painting and graphic techniques, both on paper and digital. I am also an eternal lover of modern history, politics. psychology and psychotherapy. I may add the desire to help everyone, hoping that in the future this desire will turn into a foundation to help children, the elderly and animals. About my work on this platform, this is how I work: - first of all, we will talk about your wishes and how your logo should look based on your requirements - I will send you a draft, if it's okay I will go further with details or any other modifications - when the logo it's ready, I will make a research on the market based on the new logo to make sure there aren't any other logos that look similar to yours, so that you won't encounter any legal problems Nice to meet you. :)

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