Senior Web Developer

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Performanță personală

Almost eight years of experience in full-stack web development and system architecture. My experience with multiple projects provided me an out of the box and innovative thinking which improved my capacity to identify and solve problems. In my past experience I was responsible of developing multiple applications in the Automotive and Automation industry. Every delivered project was developed mainly using JavaScript as a foundation. Since this is not enough for development of modern applications, frameworks like Node.JS Express and Angular 2+ improved our productivity. Other technological stacks, paradigms and concepts used to achieve the desired end results of those projects were HTML5, CSS3/SCSS, TypeScript, MongoDB, Firebase, OOP, Design Patterns (Singleton, Factory, Observer and Command patterns), Rest API's. Besides being a key part in development of this projects, I also successfully designed the architecture of the system, API, web application. In the last two years I refined my management and leading skills as a Project Manager and Team/Technical leader. As personal projects I created an sports betting application, a card game, a financial app and I'm currently working on a activity tracking application with customizable dashboards. I see myself as a perfectionist who likes to deliver quality and reusable code . Also I can integrate myself very easily with different projects being able to project future problems and ideas.

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