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Copywriter Dedicat

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Ultima actualizare: 8 Feb. 2024

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Cunoștințe lingvistice: Engleză, Franceză, Spaniolă, Italiană,

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About me? I like to write and read, and those around me like to read what I write. With a fairly solid base in sales and an experience of approx. 3 years of digital marketing in which I drafted, structured and edited, a lot of research and fact checking, PR & communication actions, I also integrated this creativity section. I am friendly, committed and responsible. I like working in a team, because that's how I grew up, but I majestically manage individual projects as well. In a funny way, I have always had this passion for writing, but it was hidden until its time came to grow and blossom. P.S. I like to think that I naturally attract the words to put in quality content. Types of articles written (with the specific language) so far, I list them below: - publications on social networks (facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter) - with the SM strategy or plan. - product descriptions and their optimization (I write for the specific niche audience, directly and personally where I bring to the fore the benefits that the respective product/s bring you); - optimization of product titles & photos (forms easy to scan, but also optimized from an SEO point of view) - Niche blog (I also applied the SUAC rule) STOP LOOK ACT BUY - advertisements (SEO + Brand Awareness & mix) of image and support - email marketing templates and text - press release - guides - paid ads (on SM accounts) - creating campaigns for affiliates and maintaining the relationship with them - we used "tripwire" strategies to increase product sales - video/audio content - promotion on forums and groups, and building a community - sales letters - sales scripts (B2B and B2C) - technical articles I believe that: The brief is holy, just as we are guided by certain rules in everyday life. Of course, I also have friends: - Google Docs, GSC, GA, Ahref, CMS (Wordpress) and other specific tolls. I wish for a long-term collaboration in which people will read "energy", will be well informed, will discover new details and remarkable projects. TYPE of collaboration: based on trust and payment on time If you think we can collaborate, please let me know :)! copywriterdedicat [ @] gmail . com Days with sunshine and growth,

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