Translator English/Romanian

Translator English/Romanian

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Statut profesional: Angajat

Ultima actualizare: 31 Ian. 2024

Experiența totală de muncă: 3 ani

Cunoștințe lingvistice: Engleză, Română, Coreană, Spaniolă,

Performanță personală

- Experienced professional specializing in comprehensive financial risk management, fraud prevention, and customer support. - Proficient in reviewing and analyzing customer transactions to detect and prevent financial crimes, policy violations, and suspicious activities. - Skilled in conducting in-depth investigations of complex fraud schemes, money laundering, and criminal violations. - Proven track record of resolving claim disputes, contacting customers for investigations, and mitigating financial risks through Open Source Intelligence. - Experienced in back-office activities for identity document verification, compliance assessments, and approvals. - Committed to delivering excellent customer service while meeting quality and productivity targets.

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