Administrative Assistant/Legal Officer

Administrative Assistant/Legal Officer

Tariful pe oră: Doar pentru membri

Disponibilitate: Doar pentru membri

Disponibilitate de a călători: La cerere

Statut profesional: Angajat

Ultima actualizare: 21 Aug. 2023

Experiența totală de muncă:

Cunoștințe lingvistice: Engleză, Italiană,

Performanță personală

I studied law with the intention of being able to sign a document without fear of not knowing what I was signing. I became a very detail-oriented and organized person, which helped me a lot on the professional side. I worked predominantly on the administrative side, but I was given the chance to learn more. Currently I have knowledge in Legal, HR, Financial, Accounting, Sales, Banking and some others. I would like to share my knowledge as I believe I have something to offer on my side of experience.

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