software engineer

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Disponibilitate: Doar pentru membri

Disponibilitate de a călători: În apropiere (100 km)

Statut profesional: Angajat

Ultima actualizare: 4 Aug. 2023

Experiența totală de muncă: 3 ani

Cunoștințe lingvistice: Engleză,

Performanță personală

I am a skilled and passionate software engineer with expertise in MATLAB, Simulink, and test cases, along with a strong focus on documentation and implementation. Proficient in using various tools for software engineering and testing, I excel in creating and verifying models, ensuring efficient and reliable solutions. Beyond my technical skills, I have experience as a teacher, where I nurtured young minds in the IT domain, guiding them to create games and explore programming with Scratch and JavaScript. I also organized a successful boot camp, teaching web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as various frameworks. With a commitment to excellence, problem-solving, and continuous learning, I am ready to contribute my expertise to cutting-edge projects and further grow in the software engineering field.

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