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A freelancer is a person who works independently and provides services to different clients without being permanently employed by a company. The term "freelancer" comes from the expression "free lance," which originally referred to a mercenary soldier who fought for someone but was not permanently enlisted in any country's army. Here are some important aspects of being a freelancer: Independence: Freelancers have complete control over their work schedule and can choose the projects they want to work on. This gives them freedom and flexibility in managing their time and efforts. Project diversity: Freelancers can work for clients from various industries and engage in a wide range of projects. This diversity can be interesting and stimulating but also challenging. Self-promotion: Freelancers need to market and promote their services and skills to attract new clients. This aspect is crucial for consistently obtaining new projects and maintaining their income. Variable income: Freelancers' earnings can vary depending on the number of projects they have and the type of work they perform. Proper budget planning and management are important. Remote work: Many freelancers work remotely, utilizing modern technology for communication and collaboration with their clients. Legal and administrative aspects: Freelancers need to take care of legal aspects related to income reporting, tax payments, and other country-specific legal obligations. Skill development: To remain competitive in the freelance market, continuous skill development and keeping up with new technologies and industry trends are essential.

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