Expert UI/UX Designer | Increasing Conversion in Figma & Adobe XD

Expert UI/UX Designer | Increasing Conversion in Figma & Adobe XD

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Hi there, first of all you have to know, I do not sell websites - I sell a strategic pain-killer solution for your business. Specifically, my area of expertise is to develop creative ideas and bring them to life. My mission is to help business owners to grow their businesses through strategic branding and I believe that good design is a fundamental for long-term success. ✨ Motto: ,,It's not only about creating beautiful brands. It's about creating beautiful brands that generate revenue.’’ 💸 I’m UI/UX Designer with solid knowledge in creating a stunning design in different fields and I have more than 2 years of experience. 🏆 I also want to mention something very important: ,,I will create highly converting Designs to scale your Business.’’🎯 🤝🏼 Here's how I can help you: > Complete site design/redesign (landing page, corporate sites, e-commerce, blogs, portfolio sites) where you will have a guaranteed profit; > UI/UX (perfectly arranged design, design thinking, offers a good degree of usability); > A wide range of banners to be used wherever you want, social networks, marketing campaigns, etc.; > Responsive design (responsive web design – desktop, tablet and mobile versions) with fully automatic layout. 🗝 Services I can provide for your business or side projects: ✅ High fidelity wireframes; ✅ Landing page ✅ SaaS Deaign ✅ Complex web platforms; ✅ Ui design; ✅ User Experience Design; 🛠 Tools: ✅ Figma ✅ Adobe XD ✅ Adobe Photoshop ✅ Adobe Illustrator ✅ Sketch ✅ Moqups ✅ Miro 👩🏼‍💻 Some facts about me: > Design has always been in my heart, but now it has become my main activity, where I can spend hours just to get a good result; > I graduated from college in the field of marketing, which is a strong point for analyzing new market trends; > I'm always improving, I passed 3 courses based on UX and UI; 80% of my time is spent in Figma and Photoshop, and 20% is the thinking and empathy part. > I have worked for several clients over the years and just now came to Upwork. That's why I welcome a lower price for your project, which will be successful with a wide range of experiences and a degree in marketing analysis.🫶🏼 FEEL FREE to shoot me a message - If you are interested in developing your online brand at an affordable price, feel free to send me a message or we can schedule a call. 🚀 We look forward to working with you! ✨

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