Web && Mobile Developer

Web && Mobile Developer

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With 8 years of full stack web development experience for global businesses, I offer the technical expertise you might be looking for. I express my interest in working on your project after carefully reading the requirements and concluding that they match my area of knowledge and skills. My skills : - Web development using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue and React.js, Next and Nuxt, Nest.js and PHP/PHP frameworks using Laravel, CI, YII2, WordPress - Mobile development using ReactNative, Flutter, Java… - Translation of wireframes and rapid prototyping tools to accurate, working code - Writing server-side script using Node. - 2D / 3D Game developmetnt using Unity with C++, C# I enjoy working remote and I am aware of the importance of good communication. I have good verbal and written English and I always try the best to communicate more clearly and more frequently. Honesty is an admirable human characteristic and I always have been honest with clients and team members(and in my personal life too). I am not pretending to understand everything. If I am not familiar with something, I say 'I am not familiar with it, I need help' or 'I need some time to investigate and learn'. If I made a mistake, I say 'I am sorry, I made a mistake'. If my skills and experience match your requirements, please reply to this email to schedule a meeting. Thanks

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