Cosmin Cojocaru

Cosmin Cojocaru

Tariful pe oră: Doar pentru membri

Disponibilitate: Doar pentru membri

Disponibilitate de a călători: În România

Statut profesional: Angajat

Experiența totală de muncă:

Cunoștințe lingvistice: Engleză,

Performanță personală

Finance Analyst with over 4 years of successful experience in analytics and reporting. Recognised consistently for performance excellence and contributions to success in Finance industry. Strengths in economics and programming backed by training in Informatic Economics studies. With a growth mindset I focused my energy to a professional development. Being a self-learner, I organised my time to develop multiple skills which helped me creating personal projects making me more creative. Learned by my own Python, C++, SQL and VBA, I successfully create small project that made me looking for more knowledge.I started documented about microcontrollers and automation, I was very fascinated about Arduino and Espressif microcontrollers.

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