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Statut profesional: Angajat

Ultima actualizare: 25 Feb. 2023

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Cunoștințe lingvistice: Engleză,

Performanță personală

At my previous job, I consistently matched candidates with jobs to fit their needs and experience while providing the client with the best candidates. I was sourcing and screening candidates daily and I am familiar with working in an ATS. The most rewarding part of being a Recruiter is calling a candidate to tell them that they landed the job and hearing the excitement in their voice. My education at The University of Bucharest in European Studies serves as the foundation for my abilities. From my education, I gleaned the soft and hard skills needed to succeed in my career as I developed my skills, work ethic, and learned to persevere. I believe my education helped transform me into the hardworking, charismatic individual that I am today.



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